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VoiceLive Rack and other issues

jackd123 replied the topic: VoiceLive Rack and other issues

thanks ..... J

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Unfortunately I Do Not do a Editor for the VoiceLive Rack, so There is no forum section for the Rack.

The issue you are having is that whenever an application communicates with a MIDI device it gets exclusive access, which then means no other application can access it whilst that application is running.

The Im Not A Robot only appears until you have posted enough Forum Posts; then it will not appear.

To get support on the VoiceLive Rack you would be better off posting on TC-Helicon's forum.

As I do not have a VoiceLive Rack, I cannot easily help.

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jackd123 created the topic: VoiceLive Rack and other issues

OK got me a VL rack. Nice thing it is. Maybe in need of some upgrading of the VoiceSupport2 software?

Q1) Every time i want to load a 3rd party preset via VoiceSupport2 while using a DAW as external effect i get this very annoying message "the USB (MIDI?) driver is in use", even if i have quited Cubase in my case. Is there any way to send (sysex) with Cubase running, especially loading patches with a sequencer running is a great time saver. AND I DON'T have Chrome installed .... still get that message after i quited Cubase.

Q2) The frigging ''ï'm not a Robot" really

please moderator, sirs, get rid of it LoL. It's outdated.

Maybe a separate VoceLive Rack forum page is welcome, it is a different horse after all, especially used in a studio setup. Regards, J

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