VoiceLive 3 Activation Instructions Additional Licence

ACTIVATION Instructions VoiceLive 3/Extreme Editor.
(Additional Licence)

Thank you for purchasing an Additional Licence for your Additional VoiceLive 3/ Extreme.
For me to generate the activation code, you will need to :-

1) Navigate to the folder Documents/Voice_Live_Editor/Settings:-
a) Locate the file vl3_activation.dat and rename it to vl3_activation.old.
b) Locate the file vl3_serial.dat and delete it.

c) Now run the full version with the NEW VoiceLive 3 connected,
it will inform you that it is not activated, and ask you to email me a file
to info@voiceliveeditor.com.

2) Once your payment transaction has been confirmed and  I receive this file
I will generate your activation code and email it to you, with instructions how
to add the extra code, (also I will attach a modified vl3_activation.dat file
that will have all your purchased licences ready to go

Please note that the time to generate this can vary from a few minutes to a few hours,
as the code is generated manually and timezone differences will have an impact on this.

Please make sure that the email address associated with your payment is up to date;
as this will be the primary address that the activation code will be sent to.


The activation code is unique for the connected VoiceLive 3,
so you can then if you wish install the editor on other windows pc and or Mac OS system
using your VoiceLive 3 and the activation code will allow it to work.

Any updates to the VoiceLive 3 editor are FREE;
You just install the new version and it will work with the activation code
for the VoiceLive 3 that it was generated for.


Please note Activation Codes are generated manually,
and depending on time zone differences can take over 24 hours to arrive
(Weekends and Holidays).

Hours of operation Monday to Friday 9:00am to 5:00pm GMT.



Please Remember to check your SPAM/Junk folder for any email messages.


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