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VoiceLive 3 & Extreme Editor

Updated for 10.15.2 Catalina

The FULL Version of  the VoiceLive 3 and Extreme Editor,
For MacOS
This has many enhancements to the FREE version as well
as many many additional features which I am sure
you will all find indispensable.

Additions in Version 1.6.2j
Extra Parameters in the Tone section, that
are not accessible on the VoiceLive 3 Unit itself.


Additions in Version 1.7.0p

Main addition is the ability to give each loop slot and track a name,
even though the vl3 unit does NOT have this ability it makes it far easier to
assign loops and triggers to a preset, rather than trying
to remember the slot number etc.

Additions in Version 1.8.6b

Unlimited Undo
Facility when editing a preset/step.

VSPacks will now download the packs from Alternative location,

(if the original location file is corrupted or not valid,

previously if an error occurred the editor may have just exited.)
Various Visual Enhancements, improvement in Dragging Presets in Presets Screen

Improved Compatibility with MacOS Monterey.

vll3 editor pic

Firmware Version Supported

1.1.01 161
1.2.01 175
1.2.02 187
2.0.01 326
2.1.00 350
2.1.01 355
2.2.00 366
midi settings


Any Adjustments in the Editor are immediately
in effect on the VoiceLive 3.

Any adjustment you make on the VoiceLive 3
are duplicated on the editor.

You can change presets on the
VoiceLive 3, and immediately

edit the paramaters for that preset with the Editor.

You can copy steps from other presets into the preset your editing.
You can copy either an individual effect,or entire vocal/guitar from within
 a preset to your current preset, making Preset Designing a Breeze.

Plus you can adjust the Genre TAGS of your presets, to allow you to create
a pseudo setlist by filtering by Genre on your VoiceLive 3 when using Live

You have a Preset Steps Re-Orgainzer, which allows creating a preset
from steps of other presets.
vll3 shuffler pic

A 10,000 Preset Library for storing all your presets for easy access, with
ability to preview/audition any.

Backup and Restore your device presets in Slots, for easy access later,
ability to preview/audition any.
vll3 library pic


Access to VoiceSuport Preset Packs and ALL VoiceSupport Archives
even from previous firmware Builds. And ability to preview/audition any.
vll3 vst pic

Create up to 200 Setlists, each containing upto 200 Presets.
Setlists can be created from Presetsfrom VoiceLive 3, Library, Backup,
VoiceSupport Packs and Archives. When Created you can move presets
around in Setlist, and save to NEWsetlist. You can 'PAD' you setlist with a
selected preset, to allow you to have a preset to talk to audience between
You can even Specify at whatPreset you want
the Setlist to start from.
setlist pic


Plus Many Many Additions, tweaks and Changes.

All this and More
for Just £30

Installation Instructions

1) Register on Site so you can download
2) make sure the FREE Version Works
3) Make the Payment of £30 via Paypal
(Paypal Button Bottom of Page)
4) Download and install the FULL Version
5) Run The Editor and email the file requested.
(Make sure the VL3 is connected)

6) When I receive the File and Payment
I will create and email the ACTIVATION
Code to you.
7) Enter the Activation Code in the Box and
Your all ready to go.
Note you can install the full version on Multiple
Computers using the same activation code, as
long as the VL3 that the activaton code
was created for is connected.

Please note Activation Codes are generated manually,
and depending on time zone differences can take up to 24 hours to arrive.

Hours of operation Monday to Friday 9:00am to 5:00pm GMT.


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Created 2016-10-07
Changed 2023-02-20
Version 1.8.6b
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All updates are FREE.

You just install the new version over your existing installation.

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